The community of Garrel offers its citizens and visitors numerous opportunities to spend leisure time. In and around Garrel, the leisure seekers find unspoiled nature.

There is an extraordinary natural beauty and rare flora and fauna, magnificent heath and moorland and primitive forests and natural grasslands. Attractive excursion destinations are the Thülsfelder dam, the Ahlhorner fish ponds, Oldenburg and Bad Zwischenahn.

The Thülsfelder Dam is the only dam in northern Germany. It is located in the middle of the recreation area between the municipalities and the cities Garrel and Molbergen Cloppenburg and Friesoythe. The dam was built in the years 1924 and 1927 by decision of the Oldenburg State government because earlier the agricultural land was regularly flooded at the bottom of soestetales in the winter months. It very quickly developed a charming lake with valuable habitats for flora and fauna.

Leisure and Tourism

Animal Park Thüle
The zoo is quite easy to find. It is located in the recreational area of the Thülsfelder dam, between the county town of Cloppenburg and the Hanseatic city Friesoythe, at the B72, exit of Mittelsten Thüle, only 5 km away from our house.


Nikolausdorf (the Village of St. Nicholas) is a district in the north of Garrel and is exactly what the name would suggest. Here more than 4,000 letters are answered every year at Christmas time in the office of St. Nicholas.


The village of America located in the southern Garreler field. According to popular belief, the journey from Garrel to this town was so difficult because of the swampy marshlands that it was compared to a trip to America. That’s how the village got it’s name.


Thülsfelder Valley
Hiking, swimming, biking and relaxation.


Cloppenburg Museum
The largest German Open Air Museum 12 km Distance. A worthwhile visit for the whole family!


Castle Courts of Oldenburg
Oldenburg’s largest shopping experience.


Bad Zwischenahn Spa
A well known spa in the Ammer country, always worth a visit.


Climbing Park Nord
A must for all active guests with a large fun factor.

Golf clubs in our neighborhood

Along a 86-hectare area is nature-golf Thülsfelder dam with the 9-hole public course and the 18-hole championship course is one of the most beautiful golf courses created in northern Germany. This golf course is just minutes away from our hotel. Training facilities and trainers are available.

Our bonus to you: Hotel zur Post guests get on the golf course “Thülsfelder Dam” 30% green fee discount.

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